Queen Live: Concert

Here's the meat of the concert.  Lots of great guitar from Brian.  Brian sang '39 and "Love of my Life".    They used the video screen for Brian's solo and then he went into Last Horizon (instrumental).  They dropped the disco ball for "Last Horizon" and it looked awesome.  The pictures couldn't capture the look.  Then Roger sang "These are the days of our lives" The had a picture collage from the 70's going for that one.  For Bohemian Rhapsody they used video of Freddy from Live at Wembly and used his original vocal track.   It was heartwarming.  The middle section was dubbed (as always) and Paul Rodgers sang the end.  The encore was great with "The show must go on," All Right Now,"  and "we are the champions/We Will rock you."  The last pics shoe the awesome motorized trusses and how they reconfigured them several times. 

Here are pictures from the concert, in order for the most part - with a few notes.  If you want to use these images, please email me.  I am the copyright holder and I don't want to see these reproduced elsewhere on the web without permission.

Click the thumbnails for larger pictures.  All images are copyrighted and are not to be used without expressed consent.


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