:: A visit to Vic Smith's City Edge layout ::

Here is page 2 of Vic Smith's layout.  The number of people and custom cars is amazing.  The layout is also in a very nicely done basement rec room that has space to hang out and enjoy watching the trains roll by.  The part of the layout I took pictures of is only the front side of things.  The trains leave the City Edge portion and go through a wall into a long bridge diorama and then through a few more walls to end up in a large staging yard area in Vic's workspace.  The DVD has a great overview of how the layout works its way through the basement.  Vic is great with DCC, and it was great to watch multiple trains roll through on the elevated mains and the street running portion of the layout at the same time that Subway trains were whipping by. 



::  Vic's most recent YouTube video; enjoy!

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