First FSM Model
The following pictures are of my first Fine Scale Miniatures kit.  This was by far the best/ most fun kit I have ever built.  I found this small station(#235 I believe)  on consignment and decided if I was ever going to build one of George's kits, I'd better try now- and I'd better start with a small one....

Overall, this was the most fun kit I have ever built.  It took me a lot of time, but I couldn't wait to get home from work and get going - night after night.   I only wish I had built an FSM kit long ago- George's directions are basically an essential learning guide.  I learned so many different things- and now, I can't wait to start my next FSM kit!

This is a right side view.  One of the few changes I made was to move the coal bins over to this side so that the wainscoting in the front could be seen.   Heres a top view of the loading dock.  I'm supposed to be modeling in the early 90's (I forget about that quite often)- so I tried to really weather everything.  This included a few loose and missing boards on the loading dock.  (You can also see how I start my trackwork.)  Lunch time!!  There may be freight waiting to be loaded, but it's lunch time now- and there's plenty of food and good conversation in the office.   Here's a good overview shot.  I like the contrast between the small station and the large Sellios building.  It really creates a sense of scale.  

Here's a shot of the restroom (during construction.)  Not the cleanest place, but at least it's not out of toilet paper.   This is the same shot with the flash.  I wanted to show the siding detail.  This kind of detail is why George's kits are the best! A parting view of the station.   This is part of the interior- one of only 2 buildings on the layout with interior detail.  The building will sit right in the front, so I figured interior detail was a must.  Besides, that way I got to follow the kit instructions more closely.

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