Here are a pictures of the FSM Skinners Row kit.  The first picture is the one that appeared early in Model Railroader, starting the rush of orders.  Skinners was very well received and sold out pretty darn quickly.   A big thanks to Rich Josselyn for originally sending these pics to me and letting me post them to share with you.

The newest FSM kit is well underway and thanks to Rich Josselyn we have a name and a bit of info: "I visited George on Saturday and got the first look at his new kit. It is called "Skinners Row" and it is just awesome. It is truly amazing how he comes up again and again with such original and creative designs.
This one is a real winner and will appeal to a broad spectrum of modelers.

The "Row" is just that, a row of small and medium sized buildings, three long with 2 deep  in the last space for a total of four individual and separate buildings plus a small shed. There is a front  street with a side street on one edge. There is an alley between two of the buildings on one end, and a tiny parking lot on the other. It is as if George carved out a pig piece of the F&SM, and gave it to you in a box.

The first building, houses a tavern on the first floor and a printshop upstairs. In the back, a covered elevator shaft gets all the supplies and equipment to the shop upstairs. Business has been good for the printer, because he has leased some space upstairs from  the business next door, and he is connected to it via an elevated walkway bridging the alley. This is a cool feature and very distinctive but not uncommon at all. The meat packer next door was happy to lease excess space, and he has the largest building on the block. Last on the row, are the two buildings owned by a boot and shoe company.

George masterfully mixes all the usual surfaces, but has some surprises this year, including a totally new corrugated metal treatment that blends the rusted and the original galvanized metal so  well, you'll just have to try it. Details will be in the instructions.

Many new castings populate the row, adding that special FSM touch so prized by modelers.

The kit builds up into approximately 11 by 22 inches, but the buildings can, of course, be separated and placed wherever there is space on your layout. Many of you have expressed an interest in an FSM waterfront scene. George believes that this kit will give you  just what you are looking for. He expects it to be priced slightly higher than Baxter's, but it has so much more. For  comparison, Baxter's came with 48 pieces of 1/8 bracing and Skinner's has 60.

By George, he's done it again!"

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