The RDI Building
This series was taken on a standard 35mm SLR camera- my first attempt at model photography.  I was originally hoping to submit some of this series to the Walthers catalogue.  I had originally started a layout and then stopped when I read about the F&SM.  I was so amazed.   All I did for a long time was study Sellios' work.  This was the first model I built after studying George's techniques and photos.  I'll post a picture of my old layout soon, and you will see the amazing difference before and after studying George's work.  This is the Rubber Development Inc. (RDI) building, a custom rubber manufacturer.  RDI is actually our family business, so all of the signs etc. are made from business cards.  

Here is the starting point for the diorama- a DPM kit.  In retrospect, I wish I hadn't built it as per instructions, but at the time this was the largest most difficult kit I had ever attempted to assemble.   A view of the front with SP 8102 peeking through the loading bay.  The bay has complete interior detail with a concrete dock and is fully lighted (my first foray into lighting...).   A good overall shot of the street and building.  The fence has definitely seen better days- but hey, at least no one has spray painted on it ...yet.   The building from the front.  The foundation stones were carved from plaster slabs.  

An older SP U-Boat idles out front.  This engine is showing major signs of wear- imagine that on the SP!  This is the oldest engine on my roster. The same shot with a newer Dash-9.  This was the first engine I detailed.  It's an Athearn- and as such- I had a lot of detailing to do...  Shot of the parking lot and a box car waiting to be moved into place.  You really pay a lot now for good model vehicles, but they are very worth it! The front porch area was my first time working with wood.  I found a few photos of stairs on the FSM and tried to replicate what George had done.  Overall, they came out okay- I wish I would have known about Central Valley stairs though- as these are all stripwood.

A shot of the backside of the plant, with an old shanty in the foreground.  The little building is used mostly for storage by the SP now. Ahh- grafitti.  Makes me think of California- and the SP, of course.   The small shanty is a heavily reworked Atlas kit with a new roof and a lot of other details.  It is modeled after a crossing shanty on the F&SM. Another overall shot.  The large windows were a problem, so I detailed the interior by modeling a couple of rubber inject presses.  The interior is also lighted.

My favorite engine idling in front of the small SP shanty.     Another shot of the shanty and modified Bachman track.   A parting shot. I hope you enjoyed looking at my first real diorama!  

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