Old Layout Construction
It's been a long time since I've gotten anything done!  Too much work and not enough play....   Lately though I have been working on the area behind Sellios Mfg. and finishing up some detailing.  As you may recall from the last picture gallery, the mainline used to run through here and I pulled it all up.  I did a little landscaping to get ready to put in a large viaduct that will run behind the Sellios building and on down the layout.  This work included finishing up the Masury Paint building and (almost) finishing off the back of the Sellios building.  In my modeling hiatus I have been collecting and working on vehicles.  It takes a lot of vehicles for a convincing city scene, so I decided to dig in and start building my fleet.  I decided very quickly that I would stick with Herpa and Busch after picking up a few Walthers vehicles.  Until Walthers decides to build real vehicle models, I'd suggest going with Herpa, Busch; anyone else....

Here is a view of the area that will soon be overshadowed by a viaduct.  The slope actually makes the Sellios building look like it is built into the ground. Here is the little Masury Paint and Supply building.  I added a loading dock where crates full of new paint seem to show up daily.  A lower view of the loading dock.  I originally built a dock that just didn't look right and then after studying some of George's work I found the problem.  Use really small strip-wood! A view of the Masury driveway and a look down the hill to the loading area of the Sellios building. 

Here is a shot looking down the length of the layout. The viaduct will run clear down to where the finished scenery starts again.  Sellios Mfg. has a lot of junk piled up, but at least they keep it in one place. Management has been debating putting a fence up, but those things take money....  Another view of the back and what's left of an abandon vehicle.  An HO Scale view of the back entrance.  This is where the truck drivers come and go, and it gets a lot of use because of the bathroom right inside.

<-Here are two newer model vehicles.  You can see what an excellent job Herpa and Busch have done with detail.
A few vehicles finally inhabiting the usually empty parking lot. I switched from Floquil to cheap acrylic paints for the concrete this time around. -->  Here are two shots of the ground being created.  I used a thin coating of plaster to get some texture and then I carved rocks out of a few plaster mounds.

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