Old Layout Construction
I have been arranging and rearranging buildings for weeks now, trying to get a big city feel for the downtown part of Gotham City.  The pictures below are just mock-ups and aren't going to stay where they are.

I have also been delving deep into the vehicle side of the hobby lately. Buying cars has actually become somewhat of an addiction.  I need to join a support group I think....   The last major project going on is the new viaduct that will  run through the industrial area just outside of the city.  Its a big project and I found out that Micro Engineering kits are horrible to trim (I've never seen so many thick sprues before!).  Well, here are the pictures.

Here is a pic of the overall Gotham City area to be.  I haven't finished the benchwork yet as it will be on a hill (unlike the rest of the layout.)  This is another mock up scene.  I like to visualize scenes before I build them and mock ups help to get a feel for what the final picture will look like. This should be a good photo spot once scenery is finished.  I like using a lot of vertical elements, they can easily make an area look much larger. Every city has traffic.... lots of traffic.  So lately I have been collecting and modifying modern cars to fit a big city scene.  This city bus is a good example.  Though not complete, I added signs, license plates, and simulated the route boards.

The mainline is gone!!  I am planning to elevate the mainline by adding a long viaduct through this part of the city.  Seeing all the pictures of old New York elevated railways really made me want to add an elevated line.  Here is a quick and easy mock up of where the elevated line will start. Yet another mock up scene.  I am now very sick of working with Micro Engineering parts.  I don't think I have ever done so much trimming and filing before in my life. I am currently working on a hotel for the main square area.  Lots of painting.....   I hope to have it finished by next week

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