Old Layout Construction
This series shows the almost completed Powell Plumbing Supply building.  It is yet another triangular building- made to accommodate an abandon elevated line.  I learned a lot while working on this building, so the captions will reflect those oh so valuable lessons that can only be taught by screwing up royally.  With a few more changes this building will be ready to go!  Enjoy....
You can see that the Powell Co. has a 2 story basement- which provides easy access to the alley below.  The wall in the foreground is a modified Cooch piece.  If you take a dental pick and go over all of the mortar lines to deepen them, then stain the wall- they look a lot nicer. The building used to be the Rada Mfg. Co., but Powell took it over years ago...  They left most of the vents and dusters intact though. Here's the main loading dock (or where it will be...).  If you look hard you can see the old Rada Mfg. sign fading away just over the loading doors. I tried a large ad sign on this wall, but I just couldn't get the color right.  I was having a heck of a time getting it off, so I did some really heavy weathering and carefully placed an addition and an electrical conduit to hide the seams. 

This neat little addition was modeled after a similar idea on George's White Rose Bakery.  It was easy and fun to do- and really adds a lot. I'm starting to love working with wood!  The castings are FSM of course. Here's the main entry and the slanted side.  I had to elevate the stairs a little to match the door height, but I'll cover that up eventually.  The front canopy is a nice little detail.  I had to do one after seeing Sellios and Powell put them all over so successfully. This is my first shot at working with a Trains of Texas brick section.  It looks great now, but there is probably abut an inch of weathering and different paint on it.   The exhaust is done by simply sanding a charcoal briquette. This sign was a challenge too.  It's an old ad for the SP Daylight- unique, but I had to really weather it to get it to look "painted" on.  I used a lot of dry brushing- and found that by dry-brushing with a red shade similar to the building's color I could get a nice fade effect.  

And the roof.....   I tried to get the fade effect that George gets, but I'm still learning.   This is one of my favorite details!  Just roof access, but a cool detail none-the-less. The rust is a mix of Rustall and chalks.  This was a quick little detail to make and you'll probably see more on the layout in the future. The access shed is mostly cardstock, braced with wood.  After that was done, I put Campbell corrugated aluminum over everything.  I pretty much just modeled this after the shed's on George's buildings in Franklin.  I think a similar detail comes with Stuffy's Brewing. Here's a look at the lower level from a view next to the Powell Co.  It's be neat to shrink to HO size and go wander for awhile....

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