Old Layout Construction
I finally got a chance to do some work over a weekend at home.  This is the weekend where I took the vine clinic pictures and started the wall clinic.   I also had a chance to work on detailing and weathering the Sellios Building.  I pretty much finished off the roof and added a great water tank that I put together from some spare FSM parts.  There is still a lot of detailing to do, but here are some pictures showing my progress.  You also get a view of the attic where I get to work.  Oh boy...
Here is an overview of the building and the equipment shed on top. This is the view from the aisle.  As you can see, I still have e few posts to go on the building.   I really like this side and will be adding a loading dock and rear entry door soon.   It took several coats of chalk, but I think I finally got the black middle section to look okay.

The rust came out nicely on the covered windows.  The windows that are boarded from behind are painted cardboard inserts.   This is the first equipment shed.  I like how the blower came out; it's was kitbashed  from a Kibri detail set.    The siding under the building provides a nice little bit of interest.  I built the loading dock from strip-wood -going by Sellios' pictures.   Here's the far end of the platform.   The lighting adds a lot; without it- you can hardly see underneath here.  (Note: if you want to do a dock like this, use smaller scale wood.)

This is an overview of the main roof, with the equipment shed and the water tank.     The tank was kitbashed from left over FSM parts.  I built the supports etc. from pictures of the tank on Stuffy's brewery. The main chimney and the front of the equipment house.    Here's another view of the top.  The equipment house was kibashed from cut up  Magnuson sections.

Pretty much the whole building is cut from Magnuson sections.  I love those Magnuson kits!  Most of the weathering is chalk powder or charcoal

I still have some detailing to do and I have to finish up the columns on the front side.  That'll come over Thanksgiving....  Any comments are welcome!

You can also get a feel for where I model by these pictures.  My workbench is great, but the A frame structure drives me crazy.  You can also see that I have fluorescents over the middle of the layout and floods on either side.  

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