Old Layout Construction
More construction.....   I got a little time over labor day weekend to work!!  However, most of the time went into detail painting (It's slow going- but not as bad as figure painting!)  With luck I'll get home this weekend to finish a little more of this section.  

Here's an overview of the corner area before detailing- and before building the loading dock. This is basically the loading dock- halfway through.  I glued a piece of 1/8" strip-wood along the back wall to support the individual boards- which went on next. Voila'!  One loading dock- ready to go.  A fence will be put up above the dock in the very near future. Here is a picture of the Masury building after it's upper level and supports were added.  The stairs were slightly reworked after this photo because of the size of the wood (too large) and the color (bad choice on my part.)

Here you can see the detailed Masury building, with rework and repainting on the stairs.  I'm much happier with them now. Another shot.... Here's a final shot of my current progress (labor day weekend.)  This area is getting closer to finished!

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