Old Layout Construction
This is where pictures and updates of construction from my old layout will reside.  The pictures are all from a digital camera (which is new to me..., so bear with me as I get better.)  If I post any new updates they will appear in this section first. 
This shows the transition area where the layout switches levels (Yes, that's a heck of a grade in the background.  I built the benchwork and installed the track a couple of years ago- when I didn't know enough to think about grades.)  The masking tape in the foreground is covering the Sheffield yard tracks. The large Sellios Mfg. building is at right (incomplete).  


This is a cool area.  The brick building is actually the lower level of a building that will sit half on the upper level and half over the street level (on supports).  The water was a first for me- Envirotex tinted with several shades of Floquil paint.  It seemed to come out okay, so I may try more of it.   This shot shows the new addition to the layout- the upper level.  Its not too large, but the big buildings that will make up the outskirts of Gotham City will eventually sit here. I will be adding an abandon elevated line coming off the upper level and over the street.   This is the start of the Powell building.  The colors are off a bit (my photography skills are still lacking...), but the front wall is complete.

 More of the J. Powell front.  An alley will be formed here when another building is added to the right of the small wall section. Another shot of the Powell building.  The name was done freehand and I think I will go back and try again with decals.  I liked the white on white idea though.....   The flash is strong, but you can see the large Energic sign which was made from the ads on James Powell's site. This is where the Corner Transfer Co. (the sign is barely legible) will sit.  And thus our first alley is born!   Here is what our alley looks like after vines have been added and Corner Transfer has been glued in place.

Here is a bird's-eye view of the alley- after it has been fully detailed. This shows the service door at the far left of the alley for J. Powell.  There are a few hydraulic oil drums and some crates waiting to be taken away.   A last look at the alley.  I wanted an alley somewhere on the layout ever since I saw an alley on George's layout.  They're a great place for clutter and seem to add a lot of life.     Here is Corner Transfer after final detailing.  I plan to add some figures- but I haven't had the time (or patience) for figure painting lately.

There's More!!
Here is the roof on Corner Transfer.   This shot shows some of the accumulated debris on the roof- and the after-effects or a nice rain. ::  Click to go to Construction Page 2 >>

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