Here is the mother lode of great links!  If you needed something to do for the next 6 months, just start at the first link and keep going.  I had so many good links that I categorized them for easier viewing.  I don't add links for the heck of it either - if I took the time to add it, it should be worth your trip (i.e. there's no garbage here.)  A lot of the suppliers I listed have interesting stuff, but I haven't ordered from them all - so I'm not endorsing them.  Some I HAVE ordered from and I try to mention that.  Just click on a category to reveal all of the links.  Click the category title again to hide them.  If you are crazy, you can click on "expand all" and all of the links will show up.  Enjoy!

Modeling Links

:: Railroad Line Forum ::
It's free to join and this is probably the finest group of modelers I've found on the internet. There's always something cooking and lots of inspiring work!  
:: Trevino Circle ::
James Powell's modeling is first class and his site is just as great.  Check out pictures of his old WT&W.  The site is an amazing reference for those of us who wish to model creative structures that are realistically weathered and super detailed. 
:: Bob Schrempp's Photos ::
Lots of great layout pics including NMRA meets and Free-Mo get togthers.
:: Prototype Model Show pics ::
:: Jeff Kraker ::
mazing Scenery
:: Wolfgang Dudler::
:: Free Rails Forum ::
:: Much Meddling ::
Cool cardstock techniques
:: Freehaven Harbor Terminal ::
As much as I dislike the French, a few of them are great model railroaders. 
:: Model Trains Weathered ::
The BEST freight car weathering forum around.  You have to register
:: Mellow MIke::
Mike is an egomaniac, but are you an egomaniac if you are the best?  Prepare to be amazed.
:: Engineer Bob's Pictures ::
Craftsman structures etc.
:: 1:87 Vehicle Club ::
Everything you wanted to know about vehicles.  Nice member galleries too.
::Acme License Maker ::
Make your own scale license plates.
:: Alan Wolfson ::
Amazing urban dioramas.
:: Australian Modelers ::
High quality from downunder.
:: Blood Sweat + Tears RR ::
:: Cimmaron + Tall Timbers RR::
Sn3 - nice craftsman modeling.
:: 2005 Narrow Gauge Pics::
:: Karl Osolinski ::
Great modeler - pics are on Mario's site.
:: Howard Zane ::
Structure pics.
:: White Metal Casting Info ::
:: Stump City ::
Logging Layout
:: Mold Making + Casting::
:: Terrapin Narrow Gauge Society ::
:: Pacific Coast Airline Railway::
Some interesting tutorials and other stuff.
:: Cliffside Model ::
:: Toothpick + Shovel ::
Structure pics.
:: More white metal casting info ::
:: Stump City ::
Logging Layout
:: Mold Making + Casting::

Model Train Stores

I have done business with each of these stores and have been happy with the prices and service. I also buy a LOT of stuff from ebay though!
:: Dan's Train Depot ebay store ::
Dan is a stand up guy and often runs across old out of production kits to sell. 
:: First Hobby ::
Great train shop to find new items on sale - Athearn, Walthers, etc. Good service.
:: MB Klien ::
nother good full service hobby shop.  Usually very low prices.
:: Discount Trains Online ::
Another large store to check out for new releases.
:: Valley Model Trains ::
Seller of many out of production Craftsman kits!

Model Manufacturers/ Supplies

:: Fine Scale Miniatures ::
No explanation needed here - the best kits ever-

:: FOS Scale ::
Great craftsman kits by Doug Foscale - a great guy.  Maker of the Big Lou's kit I did.  

:: Scotty Mason TM Incoporated LLC ::
Just Kidding Scott.  Scott is an excellent modeler and has a great DVD series that you should purchase. I did!

:: Sweetwater Scenery ::
Very nice scenery products.  Have used and love them!
:: Rusty Rail ::
Craftsman Kits and parts. 
:: Stevens Creek Models ::
Laser cut Window Glazings for Grandt Line windows. I haven't bought from them yet.
:: Pine Canyon Scale Models ::
I haven't bought from them, but they look good.  Details galore.
:: Great Northern Sand + Gravel Co. ::
Recommended to me.  I haven't bought fro them yet.
:: Hot Wire Foam Factory ::
For cutting foam scenery. 
:: Wireless Cameras ::
Always seemed interesting to me.  Once I have a layout I'll give this a shot.
:: Hydrocal Info ::
Here's a lookup for where to get it.
:: Joe Fuss Models ::
Looks like an interesting line of craftsman kits.
:: Smokey Mountain Miniatures ::
Multi-Scale fright car loads and details.  (I haven't bought anything yet, but it looked interesting.)
:: Kancali ::
Street molds - an interesting concept.
:: Model Memories ::
City details, photo etched fences. I believe George told me about this one.
:: Ngineering ::
N scale stuff - BUT they specialize in small scale lighting.
:: Nu-Line Structures ::
Modern buildings and details.  Also have mesh SD40T-2 grilles. 
:: Rail Scale Minitures ::
Craftsman kits and accessories.
:: Surrey Custom Models ::
Craftsman Kit reseller and detail maker. 
:: Paper Creek Modelworks ::
All the rage - Paper siding, roofing etc.  Photo Quality.
:: Clever Bros. Models ::
Another interesting paper modeling supplier.
:: Model Rail Structures ::
Craftsman kits and details
:: Proto 87 Stores ::
All things Proto 87 related.  Great looking track. Website is very confusing though.
 :: ::
Laser cut windows for engines

SP Prototype links

SP Modeling Links

:: Joe Fugate's Siskiou Line ::
A site with excellent scenery tips. You can also order DVD's on the building of Joe's layout. Site needs some updating though.
:: Espee Modelers Site::
The #1 SP info site!
:: Ron Lehmer ::
Photo galleries of everything - lots  of SP pictures though.
:: People Links ::
Some links of SP modelers sites
:: SD45T-2 detailing Page ::
Started with great info, but not finished yet...
:: Dave Hussey::
David is a master SP Prototype modeler.  Here are his Pbase galleries.
:: Joe Bence ::
Joe is also top notch.  here is his Pbase gallery.
:: Ryan's (Espeeboy) Pbase galleries ::
:: Harry Wong::
Harry's Pbase galleries including work of the amazing Elizabeth Allen.
:: Brian Banna ::
Awesome engine modeling.
:: Bruce Petty's LA Model Railroad ::
:: Vasona Branch Model RR::
:: "Maverick modeler" Pbase galleries ::
:: Rob Sarberenyi ::
With Pictures of Clyde King's work
:: Nor Cal SP::
:: SP Protoype Model list ::
:: Peter J McClosky's resources ::
:: Paul Ellis ::


Prototype Building + Sign Pictures

:: Forgotten NY ::
This is a great idea/prototype site that I believe that Frank Bernard turned me on to.  If you like old structures with loads of character- or just would like some great ideas- visit the site.  I've spent hours there and still haven't looked though everything....

:: The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit ::
This site also has many pictures and articles on great structures.  There are many online tours to take and loads of great ideas everywhere you turn...

:: Fort Dodge, IA Pics ::
Some nice old building pics here.
:: Bodie Ghost Town ::
:: Ghosts of Baltimore ::
:: Derelict London::
:: Flickr photos tagged w/ Abandoned ::
Lots of pictures of abandoned buildings
:: Fading Ad Campaign ::
Great wall paintings etc.
:: Ghost towns of the American West ::
All things Proto 87 related.  Great looking track. Website is very confusing though.
:: Madison Trust ::
Brick wall advertisements
:: New England Mills ::
:: OLD NYC ::
:: Society of Commercial Archaeology ::
:: New England Mills ::
:: American Cinematographer ::
The sets for the movie "Gangs of New York"
:: Ghost Town Gallery ::


Prototype Railroad + Pictures

If you are interested in a community of active and retired railroaders - i.e.- people who know LOTS about railroading, check out  You have to pay, but I have found that the small fee is very worth it!
:: LocoPhotos ::
Look-up your favorite engine!
:: Ron Lehmer ::
Photo galleries of everything - lots  of SP pictures though.
:: Superliner Rosters ::
All Amtrak
:: Mountain West Rail::

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