This page will showcase pictures of some downright inspiring modeling.  So next time you get in a rut, or need an idea- look to these pro's and see what they've done.  Have a submission?  Email me for consideration.  (As always- click on the thumbnails to enlarge.)
The pictures at right are of Scott Baroody's work.  I took these pictures in Boston, as Scott had brought these models along to show George.  The first two are a kitbash of FSM's Chippy Hollow Hardware Kit and the second is a signal tower that Scott modeled after one on the F&SM.  I'm sure you'll agree- this is great work!  

Here are a few pictures of some great modeling by Bill Cianci.  I really like the fire escape in the first picture.   Bill is also a master of lighting and is currently working on a how-to article for MR.

This great FSM kit was built and submitted by Doug W.  I am always glad to see one of George's kits get built, instead of sitting on a shelf somewhere!

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