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If anything good or bad stands out to you while checking these out - drop me an email.  Sometimes when you work on stuff alone, you don't get any great criticism.  I'm all for constructive criticism.  That means you should email me and tell me that I could get better by.....   NOT emailing me and saying "You suck."  While amusing, that doesn't help me build better models.  Anyway, I'd love to know what you think and you can drop me a line here.

I made some little lily pads for the fountain. They are pretty tough to spot though.  This was just a cool view.  The fountain with its nice water.  All the parts are modified metal parts from Jewelry kits.  The parts were brass colored and then I weathered them with a lot of chalk - I was going for that green patina.

Upper view.  the water is Envirotex and the water coming from the spout is fiber optic cable coated with Envirotex. Some of the various roof details. Roof weathering.  The color is Dark gray Floquil - heavily weathered with chalks.  My wife cut and pasted all the shingles on - what a trooper.  It took her hours and hours to do a roof that size! 

The conservatory looks cool.  You don't see a lot of glass on models too often. Mainly because it's hard! I used Model Master canopy glue on the glass.  It is okay, but still sows a bit.  I would like to try gallery glass next.  Here's a top view. The cemetery from the back. 

This was a fun part to do.  The stones are a Woodland Scenics Set. It took a long time to paint and weather them, but I like the way they came out.     The path used to be brick, but over time it's been covered over in spots with dirt.  You can't get good gravediggers these days! Here's a close up of the weathering in the stones.  I'll go into detail in the Build Section. One more of the cool stones.  They look much better in sunlight than they do under indoor lighting.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

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