Welcome to the big picture gallery for Grimm's Funeral home!  Here's the big stash of pictures I took for the contest.  Well, not all of them, but some choice ones.  The first 15 pictures or so were taken on my Nikon 995 and the rest of them were taken on my wife's camera (name to come soon). You can definitely see a color difference.  All shots were taken outside and there are some cool effects because of the lighting.  The "stained glass" really lit up in some shots and there are some cool shadows.    I tried to post some "overall" shots of the whole diorama as well as getting in and close for some more detailed shots.  I wanted this model to stand up quality wise when viewed from close up, so I was careful with the detailing, watched the glue, and painted a lot of stuff ahead of time.  I'll try to point some things out in the shots.  I hope you enjoy it! 
Overview: I liked the "from above" shots, but there was too much editing to do to get the background right for the contest.... So I used lower shots like this one.  They add perspective and make the building look taller anyway.  Here's the front entry, the fountain, and the bay window. Another shot of the entry.  One mistake I want to correct is to weather the blinds in the bay window a little so they match the rest. 

I like the view from this side because of the conservatory. The base is cut weird because I planned to do more scenery - but didn't have time to.  The tower roof was the first thing I did and it took a long time with the new windows and the cornice on top.  Love the overhead shots... Here's the cemetery side. The original plan was to have a covered drive up over here.  Maybe I'll add that in back later. 

Like the trellis thing?  Just a casting I had laying around. I used two kinds of plants to simulate the ivy and flowers on it.  The cemetery came out nicely I think.  The sagebrush armature trees a ad  a lot of character.  Here you can see the door and the bay window.  The sun is catching the "stained glass" in it.  And the conservatory.

Conservatory again.  More stained glass.  They have a few new stones still on pallets waiting to be installed.  I made this little visitation scene with some Woodland Scenics figures and casket and the scratch built some flower wreaths.  I kept the roof removable in case I wanted to change things.  Full front shot again; different camera now. The shadows are great!  You don't get a lot of good shadows in model photography; being outside helps. 


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Overhead shot 3 This shows the concrete work.  I aged it a bit more by adding all the cracks.  The paint is all acrylic here. The doors.  I'll go through building them in the "Build Section."

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