Welcome to Grimm's!

Here is a walk through the build process.  I'll try to give some detail about how things were done or about new techniques or materials that I tried out.  If they worked for me, they can work for you too!  This was a fun project, a bit stressful as I had a lot to do and a little time to do it in.  I worked on this off and on for about three weeks at night - maybe 2-4 hours a shot. I'd say I probably ended up with around 50 hours in it so far. 

I wanted to do this page a little different from the normal small thumbnails, so I'll be posting big pictures with descriptions. The comments for any picture will be right below the picture.  I'll need to split this into different pages to keep it loading quickly.   Use the menu below to conveniently jump around OR start on this page and keep going forward at the end of each page. 

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This is the Downtown Deco Kit as done by Randy.

Here is my diorama; A lot of differences! 

Hey, it's my new work desk!  I'm still working on that whole "organization" concept.  I did stop several times though and clean things up and reorganize.  I was spending forever looking for "that" tool.  Yeah, you know the one. Anyway, I picked up two of these great display tables from an OfficeMax that was closing.  You can see part of one on the right.  They work great for holding trains and all my paints.  The new desk works great too.  I may not be the most organized guy, but I have leaned that it helps to be neat and organized. The TV was set up to show pictures from a CD that I wanted to use as references. (Or to watch NASCAR when my wife was helping me out.) 

On to the making of the tower roof !


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