Here you will find my galleries of photos; some of my own work, some of others work, all model railroad related.  I'll keep posting pictures of other modelers' wonderful work as I visit new layouts and meet new friends. Work in process will go on the "Workbench" page and 1:1 scale trains will go on the "Prototype" page.

My first Narrow Gauge Convention: The 30th National Narrow Gauge Convention in St. Louis, Mo.  What a trip - what modeling - what pictures!

Somehow I had accidentally taken this gallery down, so here it is again! Great models from CSS07 along with a page of Brian Nolan's excellent work.  This is some of the finest modeling I've ever seen!

Another of my favorite modelers is Vic Smith, whose City Edge layout is a masterpiece of modern city modeling. Join Angela and I for a layout tour.

This is a kitbash of Grimm's from Downtown Deco that I did for a contest they ran.  Follow this link for construction pictures and tips and tricks from the entire build process. (As well as pictures of the finished diorama.) 

Big Lou's was a diorama made from a new - at that time- manufacturer: FOS Scale. It was a blast to build and unfortunately I sold it. But it lives on in pictures...

Here you will find pictures of the construction of my old layout. It was never completed and I plan to tear it down soon.   ::  Page 1  ::   Page 2 ::    Page 3  :: 
::   Page 4  ::   Page 5   ::   Page 6  ::

A visit to Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry leaves me with major skyscraper fever!  Check out their new mega-layout.

This series is of various buildings taken outdoors (love that natural sunlight).  Most of these buildings will end up on the layout someday.

This is a series of pictures from the first model I built after learning about the F&SM.  It was also the first model on my old layout.

This is my first FSM kit!  It was quite an experience...  and building this kit changed the way I model.  

This series shows another model I built and sold. (When will I learn?)  I like the looks of it- and I did manage to take a few pictures, so enjoy!

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