Here are a few new pictures of the F&SM.  There are a lot of close up and study shots I wanted to include - some I have and some I will post later.  Because of the new "no cameras" rule, all of these pictures are, I believe, from 2003.  Anyway, there are some interesting pictures, so check them out!

A shot looking down the far wall toward Franklin.  Very nice scene. Need some ideas for rooftop clutter? Nice to see some greenery in the middle of the city.  George has added a lot more of it. 

I always loved this scene too.  All of the different surfaces look so natural and well blended.  This wall/scene is just too much for words.  One of my favorites. Overhead shot.   Notice a lot of new Bar Mills billboards are up... I wonder if this was done with Driftwood?  Hmmm....

  More to come~!
The west side story street... One of my favorite wall signs. 

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