I made it back to George's this year in August for a visit and, of course, had to take a bunch of pictures.  This visit was unfortunately cut short thanks to the incompetence of a certain car rental agency (thanks Thrifty crew- all two of you.)  Anyway, I managed to get to George's at 11:00 or so and enjoyed the time I had.  There have been a lot of changes in a year!  The big mountain divider is mostly gone, new scenery is starting to fill its place, and Mayfield popped up.  I'm going to try to post a new page of pictures every two weeks or so, so be sure to check back once in awhile to view the whole series.  Enjoy!!  Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures. 
Out with the big scenic divider!  Here is what remains of the mountain range that used to run down the middle peninsula. Pulling the mountains suddenly left the backsides of un-detailed buildings exposed, so George has worked to make them viewer ready. The Franklin Watchworks has already found a home on the new redeveloped area.  This is a great construction pic- you can really see how George fits everything together.  Great to see the signal tower fins a home too...  Not the greatest picture, but a very great covered bridge!  Now if I can just get George to advertise for Pepsi and not Coke...

This is simply great.  I love the windows and how the church sets down into the scenery. Making our way around to the Franklin side of the layout we come across this desolate bridge.  Action on the mainline!  Trains wind their way out of Franklin and into the woods for a complete change of scenery. This is one of my favorite areas.  There is so much to look at in a very small area. And its not even city scenery! A different view of the same scene, showing George's great stonework.

Lots of different textures make thins interesting.  As do little details like the honk sign. A good overhead shot showing the parking area near the previous scenes.  Notice how realistic the coloring is... More FSM kits find homes!  The sawmill and engine house look right at home in this rural scenery.  The water adds a nice touch as well. Great use of elevation and things are definitely getting greener! I was really amazed how great all of the forest came out. George proves he is a master of forest scenery as well as urban cityscapes.  All of the rock is foam- no more plaster.

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