This series was taken this August on my most recent visit.  All pictures were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 995.  I'm going to play editor here and there and comment- so email me if you like- or don't like- the commentary.   I tried to capture scenes that are not usually highly photographed- and scenes from an "HO" perspective.  Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures. 
Shacks and shanty's- gotta love 'em. Hmmm... Does George like the new Bar Mills billboards? The ground texture alone makes this shot a winner.   More billboards and more foliage have been added in  Manchester. This is one of the less commented on models on the layout- according to George- but certainly an amazing structure.

This building was modeled after a mill on John Allen's G&D. This is one of the first models on the layout. This little building is a new addition. Notice the "F&SM" billboard on the I.M. Boren building's roof.   Another new addition- just waiting to be noticed.

Shots like this make you want to shrink to "HO" size and go exploring... This building sits just outside of Franklin. Another great "mini-scene."  There are so many of these little scenes- that really bring the layout to life. Did somebody say detailing?   George masterfully blends scenery with buildings -giving a very natural flow to the layout.

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