George has been kind enough to let the F&SM and many of his techniques be documented in the major magazines.  This list will help identify just what F&SM articles and pictures are out there- and there are quite a few.  Included are articles by George, articles about the layout, articles on George's techniques, cover photos, and any other pictures that happen to show up.  If you know of a source that should be on this list PLEASE email me and I will update it.  There is an article on the F&SM in next month's Model Railroading magazine!  (After extensive research, I now feel that this is a complete list!  If you know of any errors, please let me know.)
Source Date Info
Railroad Modeler June 1977
Mainline Modeler July/Aug. 1980
Railroad Model Craftsman (RMC)  Aug. 1981
RMC March 1982
Mainline Modeler  January 1985
Mainline Modeler May 1985
Mainline Modeler April 1986
Model Railroader April 1986 Cover, F&SM Intro
RMC Nov. 1986
Model Railroader April 1987
Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette Jan./Feb. 1989
Model Railroader Jan. 1989 Manchester 
Mainline Modeler Sept. 1998 Cover and article by George
Model Railroader March 1990 Cover, Progress on the layout
Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette Dec/Nov. 1990
Model Railroader Dec. 1991 Details on the F&SM 
Great Model Railroads  1993 Cover and article
Mainline Modeler March 1994 Cover, F&SM article and pics
Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette Nov/Dec 1994
Mainline Modeler July 1995 Cover, Tips by George
Mainline Modeler Aug. 1995 Cover
Mainline Modeler Oct. 1995 Tips by George
Mainline Modeler Dec. 1995 Picture, Tips by George
Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette Jan/Feb. 1996
Mainline Modeler Feb. 1996
Model Railroader Feb. 1996 Cover, Bedford Falls and Fellsburg yard
Mainline Modeler May 1996 Rocks
Model Railroader June 1996 Fences and Ties
Mainline Modeler Sept. 1996
Mainline Modeler May 1997 Cover, Tips by George
Model Railroader Dec. 1997 Picture
Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette Nov/Dec 1997
Mainline Modeler Feb. 1998
Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette May/June 1998
Mainline Modeler Oct. 1998
Mainline Modeler March 1999 Cover + old layout article
Model Railroader July 1999 Picture, articles on signs and track (Tylick)
Model Railroader Dec. 1999 Cover, article (Franklin!)   
Mainline Modeler Feb. 2000
Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette Mar/Apr. 2000
Railroad Modeler Sept. 2001 Photo series
Railroad Modeler Oct. 2001 Photo Series

Other Sources
Alan Keller Video Vol. ?  (To be released)
Alan Keller Video Vol. 2 and 24
The fabulous Franklin and South Manchester  Book
Walthers Catalogue Cover (1994?)

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