George Sellios really got me into craftsman building.  His book changed the way I did everything (and for the better!)  This page is everything F&SM related.  Because George no logger allows pics to be taken at the layout, I don't anticipate any new pictures to be taken. That said - I have a lot of old pictures I still will add to the Gallery, so check back.   Feel free to explore and contribute if you have any new pictures or material.

The FSM Gallery is filled with images of the F&SM.   This is perhaps the greatest modeling reference available- George's work!
If you have any additional pictures of the F&SM or have any information you think would be nice to see here, please email me.  I'm always looking to make this site a better resource for Sellios fans. Any comments or suggestions are also always welocme.

Want to know about the great George Sellios or the F&SM?  Visit this section for great information the layout and its creator.

This section tells a little about George's company- Fine Scale Miniatures and how it has evolved.  There is also a kit listing and pictures of each kit.

By now you know how much I value information about the F&SM.  This page lists all of the articles and magazines that feature the F&SM.  So if you are looking for further information, one of these articles is bound to help you....

:: FSM NEWS ::   updated 7.20.07
From Rich J: "Saturday George Sellios showed us his new kit. It is called “Avram’s Baking Company” and consists of a two story main bread, bagel, and do-nut baking facility with a separate coffee and bakery store. The diorama base looked to be about 12” X 18”, but could be narrowed by repositioning the outlet store."

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