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Looking East at the entrance to Tunnel 8. West toward tunnel 7. The sheds are much taller than you'd think. Through 7 to 8.

Here's East toward 8 from atop 7.  Same as last only vertical. Missing a lot of nuts here... Cool to see how 7 is made up.

7 again. There were a lot of rock climbers. Looking back at 6. This shot looked interesting with the light - so I took it.

A concrete beam from the shot span at right. Looking through the short span. Cool view, so I did it in color... and black and white.

Finally we get to the Chinese Walls.


These were amazing to see in person - each block carefully placed and still holding strong.  Lower view of the walls.  ...with better lighting.

 And vertically. Looking back at 8. The upper wall. The upper wall is a lot rougher stone..

Ice in the sheds! The shed stayed well lit with all the slits on the outer wall.  Looking East over Donner lake from the shed after Tunnel 8. All the timbers from the wooden sheds are still there.

The shed from tunnel 8.  And again... Freaking my wife out. Nice walls!

End of the line - we're snowed in! Imagine having the spreaders out - in MAY! And the sheds go on... Looking back at the complex from Donner Pass road.

Overview shots from DPR.

    That's it!

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