Diorama: A Magnuson Kitbash
This series was taken on a Kodak DC265 digital camera.  All pictures were taken outside (natural light is sooo great!).  This is a diorama that I built last year.  It is mainly kitbashed from Magnuson parts- with a custom roof and a few other details for character.  I ended up selling this one and kind of regret it now.  But, I still have pictures, so take a look....  (Click on thumbs to enlarge.)

This is the loading bay and the entry for the addition. Another shot of the bay side.  Small details like the ladder under the door add a lot.   An overall shot.  The roof is typing paper painted and weathered to simulate rolled roofing- with lots of patches. Here is the front- this side would be served by rail.  A beat up old fence hides the junk in the main yard.

A shot of the front and the large sidewall.  I added a transformer and downspouts and other details to break up this large wall section. Here's the addition side.  I really love this wall- Magnuson made great kits. A slightly different view.

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