:: Craftsman Structure Show 2007! ::

I was lucky enough to get to attend the very first Craftsman Structure Show, which took place this November in Mansfield Mass. It was a great time and I got to meet many talented modelers.  The work on display was excellent and I had the chance to take pictures, so I did!  Here is a sampling of the different models and dioramas that were on display.

 :: Bob Mitchell ::

Bob presented multiple clinics and also had several models on display.  I believe he has a full time lawyer on retainer to fend off all of the lawsuits that arise from his clinic jokes.


:: Brian Nolan ::

Brian is a superb diorama builder.  His dioramas stopped traffic all weekend at the show.  Check out some of his work and see why.  

:: Dave Revelia ::

Dave is another amazing modeler and a great figure painter.  His dioramas have been in multiple magazines and it was a real treat to get to see them close up.  His carefully painted figures are on both his own dioramas and on Brian's. 

:: FOS Scale Limited ::

Doug Foscale was one of the three guys who made the show happen.  He also happens to be the guy behind FOS Scale Limited.  He presented a clinic and manned the FOS booth - where many great pilot models were on display. 

:: South River Model Works ::

Bob Van Gelder of SRMW was there to present and show as well.  Here are a few pilot models that were on display.


:: Contest Models ::

Along with all of the great pilot models and displays, there was a whole room of outstanding contest models.  From peanut butter lid size to full on dioramas, the best of everything was on display.

:: Odds and Ends ::

Here are a few more pictures of displays and dioramas.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

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