:: CSS07: Brian Nolan ::

Not only was Brian a clinician and presenter, but he also brought a few of his excellent dioramas to display.  The dioramas below are done in a couple different scales and they are amazing to view - lots of great ideas! I had to buy a tripod in order to get these pictures to turn out well, but it was worth it.  Brian and Dave's dioramas were mixed in together and I can't quite tell them apart yet, but someone gave me the following tip: Dave's bases will be made out of wood framing and Brian's will be the black ones.  So I've tried to use that rule in gathering these pictures together. 

A sad epilogue: I found out on 8/16 that Brian had just passed away.   I feel privileged to have gotten to meet him, see his work and have a few chats with him.  He was a great modeler and was always willing to share tips and techniques.  He was super nice, funny and I am sincerely sorry that he is gone.  I will try to add more pictures of his work here, so we can all share in the models he poured so much passion into. 

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