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I'll be posting all sorts of clinics here in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!  Feedback would be great.  Let me know if you liked/disliked a clinic, and any other thoughts that may strike you.  As always, I am looking for good ideas for upcoming clinics- so please email me if you have one!  

::  Vines:  The great cover up.  :: 
Not only do vines enhance the looks of many models, they also effectively cover up many little imperfections.  Both Sellios and Powell use them and they are a tried and true technique.  After studying Sellios' pictures, and trying many methods on my own, I've found that there are a few tricks that can really enhance the look of your vines.... 
(Added 10.31.01)


::  Walls: Painting and weathering  ::  
This clinic will show the steps involved in painting and weathering the walls for the Powell Co.  These steps show how to paint, color, and weather any brick wall.  
(Added 3.02.02)



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