"People keep asking if I'm back and I haven't really had an answer... "

Well, in full disclosure, "people" could be more accurately described as "this one guy" and "keep asking" could be better described as "this one time." But I like John Wick, so I decided to never let a good opportunity to use a movie quote go to waste. In all reality, this website has been online for over 20 years now and a LOT has changed. The world is different, the internet is different, model railroading is different, and my personal life is different. And this website hasn't been updated for about 10 years now.

In those 10 years I've had two more kids, lots of change at work, played electric guitar (most excellently!) for three worship teams, and tried to keep my 100 year old church/house from falling apart - but through it all one thing has remained constant: my love for my wife (see honey?! You thought I was going to say trains didn't you?) I never left the hobby; just changed my focus a bit. Because of the amount of space and time I have available, I've never had a layout. I have a couple dioramas, but I mainly switched from structures over to vehicle modeling. Vehicles are smaller projects, take up less space (hypothetically), and take less time to complete (also hypothetically.) I still plan to build a layout and it's going to need cars, trucks, vans, semi's etc. and between you and me, realistic vehicles are sort of a rarity on a lot of layouts.

So that's what I've been up to. "What does that mean for this ancient decrepit, neglected website?", you ask. It means updates are coming. Finally. I have a lot of projects I'd love to share and a lot of prototype pictures that I've taken that might be of interest to you, my fellow modeler. For now, I will try to add some new content - just to get the ball rolling. Then, I have to address the website itself. It was built to the finest web standards of the 1990's - you know, before Facebook, Instgram, and Google ruled all. Web design, coding, the size of your monitor and your download speed have all changed a bit since then and I need to catch up. So, once I relearn everything I already know I'll do a full site redesign nd try to get some nice larger higher resolution pics up. Feel free to check back and see what's changing, shoot me an email, or find me through any of the means listed below. ~Matt


I'm still involved in online modeling communities. Here's where you can find me online:


FineScaleminiatures Yahoo! group

Facebook groups:

1/87 Scale Vehicle Models, Weathered Models, Southern Pacific Modelers, HO Scale Shelf Layouts (the first & original FB group), Agnes St Spur, Union Pacific's histopric Sierra crossing - Donner Pass, 1/87 scale builds and mods, 1/87 big rigs and heavy haul, Big Rig trucks in HO Scale, The Rustbucket Forum, and other buy/sell or specific topic groups.

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