:: Contest Models: Dioramas and structures ::

There was a lot of really great modeling in the contest room.  A LOT.  I was mostly interested in the structures and dioramas and I spent a lot of time looking at all of the varying entries.  It was really hard to vote for one favorite in each category.  I ended up going with Nick Ogden's diorama for my favorite, though I didn't know it was his at the time.  Go figure.  The weathering was just so great and the brick looked amazing.  Nick told me after the fact that it's actually built from individual bricks.  I guess it's what I'd call "ridiculously cool."

<< This is SierraWest's latest.  Pretty nice stuff!    There is one diorama not pictured here: mine!  I'm going to put up an update on it in the coming weeks.

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