Another KWOF sponsored concert.  I helped with security and generally did whatever was asked.  It was a fun day - a long day.  From 10am to about 12:30am - then a bunch of us went for food!  This tour had Toby Mac and Audio Adrenaline as co-headliners and Kutless and Hawk Nelson as openers.  These guys weren't quite as cool to work with as the Newsboy's and Rebecca's guys.  The concert (what I saw of it) was good overall.  Hawk was typical preteen pop stuff and Kutless and Audio A sounded to me just like every other Christian mainstream rock band, nothing unique or identifiable - which is too bad as I get tired of the same arrangements and progressions...   The shinning spot was actually Toby Mac, who wouldn't normally be my cup o' tea, but they had good writing, great performance and there was actually some musical substance.  I'll be picking up some Toby Cd's in the near future.  The basketball pics are from a charity game that the bands put on with some local people as players.  It was basically Toby's guys versus all the other bands.  Pam got to play for Toby's team for a bit and Michelle got out to take a couple free throws.  Cool day overall.  R2 thought so...

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One rack of guitars Tim Rosenau's setup A real Leslie cab! Chris with 1 of 5 cool busses Kutless guy's Mesa Rack. 

Other Kutless guy's rig Security!  Take her away! Pre show with the curtain down Pam taking them to the hoop Michelle putting up a brick

 She looks like she knows what she's doing Toby Mac and the guy from Kutless Pam's going down  No!  That's a bad R2!!  My favorite shot of the day! Toby's band

 Cool efx during Toby's show  Tim R at stage right More cool efx Right on the strobe flash... And again

 OK - I like the flames  Different look Toby's guys rockin  And on the speaker stacks even From the monitor mixing board

 And again  Toby  Ditto  Bass player End of Toby

 Audio A.  With the lights on  Guitar player 1 Cool side shot And again

 Gitar palyer 2  For his solo vocal Nice lights Drummer from behind stage Peeps from our church

 Same same



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