The band went and played as the house band for Ironwood Springs' Winter Extreme camp.  Rhett and Michelle came along and everyone had an amazing time.  We spent a lot of free time doing our own extreme ice skating, which is what most of these pictures are from.  It was sweet.  We also played a new game with everyone at camp called Biffer.  What a game...  Anyway we painted up for that and then went around outside trying to biff kids with socks filled with flour.  Couple that concept with an ice coated snow covered campground and you've got one extreme game!

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Messing around in Denver. Michelle and Chris A semi-group shot before we left town. The ice slide in front of our cabin. Chris on ice hill 2.

Chris going freestyle Michelle does everything 110% Skating in tandem! Me after starting to remove the paint.  Grrrrrr.... J-mo after Biffer

Again, Michelle dives in... Can't let Michelle show me up... Just like an airplane ride - except you get moving! Michelle Michelle and Chris recovering.

Michelle's been watching surfing on ESPN. Now more of a boarding form. Chris riding his invisible Harley. Me out from behind the camera. A look at the cabins.

A pic while moving...      



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