Here are a few pics of the recording process.  The same pics can be found at along with a studio diary outlining the process and what kind of donuts we ate.  It was a good time, but for the week and half we were there, we were there every waking moment.  And some sleeping moments too!  Anyway we had some great shrimp, donuts, and would like to thank Hy-Vee for being so close.   Everything is down now and we just finished mixing and mastering.  Whew - that took months.  If you want to hear the final result though (which rocks, by the way) go to the Crossed Media page and check out the clips.

Click the thumbnails for larger pictures.  All images are copyrighted and are not to be used without expressed consent.

The red recording room. Is it 4am yet? Jack now staring at a blank screen. J3's kit The desk.

If you're bad you have to write on the board Pam laying down vocals "Yeah, okay guys, whatever." J3's drums in their cubicle. Something sounds funny...

What recording is all about Donut O.D.  J-mo in motion. Matt in guitar gear land Rack before rewiring

The rewired rack Da' front      



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