New York: Saturday

Saturday was our exploration day.  We went downtown and bought tickets for a cool double-decker bus tour.  The line to catch a bus - we soon found out - was a block long and wrapped back around twice.  After five minutes I decided we'd walk to the previous stop three blocks away, where thankfully there was NO LINE.  The tour was cool and I took a ton of pictures.  We got off a few times to look around and such.  We had two - not one, but TWO - Asian tour guides with very heavy accents.  It took a bit for what they said to register, but they were hilarious.  I learned that there was no AC is the 1800's and that there were also no cars.  AND, if there are a lot of local people lined up at a restaurant, it is popular.  

Visiting ground zero was probably my highest priority and we made it there mid-day.  It was a grim reminder of Allah's tolerance for "infidels."  You can't really write much about being there, you kind of just have to be there. 

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The girls door was part of our Hotel.  The subway ruled.  They actually had some nice stained glass on the elevated stations. 

Big city views.  Times square again.  A very nice fire station.  Great billboard: can you REALLY see the bigfoot (not the obvious one.)

This was the start of our double decker bus tour.  We left from the Times Square area.  Empire State bld. at right.

Ang in front of H+M!!  Cool architecture abounds...

Nice brick streets could be found hiding here and there.  I loved the historical aspects of the city.  They didn't have air condition in the 1800's - our tour guide taught us that.  The middle pic is of the courthouse used for the exterior shots for "Law and Order" - on the right is the federal court house where Martha Stewart was tried. 

Ground Zero.  Now a monument to the largest terrorist attack on US soil and a vibrant reminder of the truth behind the "religion of peace."  16 acres; it's a big hole in the ground. 

Unbelievably, the ACLU hasn't yet had the cross removed from the site.  The bell was a memorial and has a bible verse on it. 

Wall street - no bull.  

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This piece of corporate "art" was in the lobby of the WTC.  It's now located in Battery Park.  They are doing some great restoration work on the waterfront.  Ang by the ferry terminal. 



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