New York: The Churches

We didn't plan to go to so many churches - Ang wasn't having withdrawal pains or anything - we just were drawn to these three.  The first was an amazing find.  Tucked into a random backstreet the church was built into a block of brick buildings.  It didn't look like anything from the outside, but as you'll see, the inside was a surprise!  We heard great organ music coming out of the church and I wanted to investigate.  The natural reverb in this church was amazing.  better than any other building I've been in. 

The second church, St. Paul's Chapel, was right across from ground zero.  You can read about it in one of the pictures below.  People had brought in various items and banners to memorialize those who died on 9-11.  (Pics start with the blue sign)

The last church was Trinity.  It had craftsmanship that just blew me away!  Stone and wood, stained glass, and detail everywhere.  It really was amazing and we all looked around until they closed for a private wedding.  The cemetery was interesting too - as are most cemeteries that are right in the middle of a bunch of skyscrapers.  (pics start with the gothic facade)

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