Here's the music gallery- as you can see- its all about the rock.  Here you'll find some pics from different shows and times when I've gotten to hang with my musical heroes, different signed memorabilia and all kinds of cool autographed stuff.  I've gone through and done some framing with some items and they reside in the Music Room, but most of this cool stuff has yet to be properly taken care of.


Hanging backstage with Dream Theater - the coolest musical experience I've ever had. Crossed meets Petra.  Very cool guys. With Brad Avery (Third Day) in Nashville. Petra's current glossy. I made the liner notes of Gravity Crush's first and only album.

Sphere's first and only album. Sweet Gravity Crush Handbill. The gravity Crush memorial Signed Petra setlist from Jeckyll + Hyde tour. Newsboys setlist from Adoration tour.

Ty autographed my Ty Tabor Signature guitar for me after a concert in Cedar Rapids. Ty's solo album "Safety" - signed. Ty also signed my Signature Ty Tabor Drop 6 guitar. 

King's X Live tour poster - singed by the guys. A couple King's X promo glossy's and a promo kit.  Signed KX shirt and a few handbills. Ty's side project CD's; cool stuff from Ty and John Myung, Greg Bissonette, Rod Morgenstein etc.  Signed.

Dream Theater stock promo for Images and words. Dream Theater stock promo for Awake. Signed promo for Scenes From a Memory, concert tix, and my backstage pass.  Also the infamous recalled first pressing of the Metropolis Live Cd. Very rare promo poster for Metropolis Live.   Note the release date of 9/11 and the image of the twin towers burning.  Very creepy coincidence. Dream Theater Metropolis Live poster. 

DT glossy from the long hair days. Signed concert program from TSO's 2003 Tour.    Al Pitrelli signed pic. Signed TSO Tour program from 2004. Dire Straits Tour Poster- with the cool Brothers In Arms pic on it.

Various Zakk stuff, concert tix and a signed promo for Rob Zombie. Signed Zakk Wylde promo - I owe Chris Hedman internal organs for this one... Knopfler back in the dire Straits days.  A collection of different pics: Angus Clark, Johnny Lee Middleton; Al Pitrelli, Newsboys.

The Music room. Another wall of the music room. Signed Supafuzz glossy. My view from the stage when we (Crossed) played Adventureland. The remaining members of Queen with Freddie Mercuy's statue at the studio in Switzerland.  Just a cool pic....

The Crossed Gallery has pictures of the Petra shows we played and of some other cool music related stuff.
The Supafuzz stuff... Mark Knopfler with his National 'O' style guitar. Another cool pic.... Mark Knopfler playing with Eric Clapton at Nelson Mandela's Birthday Party (1988 I think).      


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