Here are pics from the big Missouri/Oskaloosa weekend.  The show pics are from Sat. night in Osage Beach.  Then we had RV problems and never made Osky (will be rescheduled.)  Anyway for me most of the weekend blew.  We went through tons to get the RV trip ready in the 0degree weather and Saturday rocked - not denying that, but our RV problem/adventure Sunday was more than a bit distressing.  Anyway, God stepped in and out of nowhere the owner of a diesel repair shop comes up and helps us out.  After a long day Sunday we parked in a Big K lot in Jefferson City and stayed the night.  Monday morning out new friend got us into the shop right away and the fix was very simple.  We were on our way home.  Thanks goodness.  Anyway, here are the pics - thanks to Maggie for taking the show pics - there are some awesome shots.  ~1.16.05

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The coolest picture ever.  The band. The after effects of a face melting guitar solo.  Guess we like red lights.. J-mo behind the kit.

Chris rockin out. Guitar power times two. Brooks.  Jack can sing and play at the same time. Extreme fan.

Chris poses for the pic. Mas guitarras por favor. Da whole band. Cool screen. Our awesome road crew for this trip: Rhett + Christian.

More geetar madness. Pam and those who have just been rocked. So stupid I had to post this. Jack sleeps on Pam's shoulder during a slow song. Those were good brownies...   yeah...  yeah, they were.

The help crew. More mental madness. The highway we spent so much time on. Cool bridges outside of Jefferson City. On the bridge... going 10mph.

Sweet icicles. Very cool shot. Chris at Osage Beach. Me - why am I up at 7:30? On the bridge.

More picture goodness. Shot back across the river. Ditto. Sweet courthouse somewhere.



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