Right before school started this year I helped one of my best friends, Lori, move into her new condo.  The moving part sucked, but the condo is great.  It's built on the second floor of a renovated historic building in downtown Waverly, right on the river.  The brick work is original and the hardwood floors were uncovered and refinished.  The condo is based on a very contemporary design and has a very clean uncluttered feel to it.  The 25 foot ceilings help this look as does the look of unfinished hardwood throughout.  Have a look around!  Oh- a few friends and I chipped in and bought Lori a futon so she could rid rid of those damn uncomfortable plastic chairs.   

The front hall with its cool retro lights.  Off to the right is the master bedroom.  This is a shot of the hallway taken in total darkness with a long shutter time.  Only the hall lights are on.  Makes for a cool pic. This is the stair to the bathroom, but we won't go in there..... And the kitchen....   with all the amenities.  Here's a pic of the contempo brick design on the front wall.

This shows the three front windows- gigantic- with great views of downtown.  These two pics show what the new digital camera can do- as well as showing off Lori's fan.  The first pic was taken normally and the above was taken with the speed-light on- one after the other- the fan is actually moving above! Sweet... I'll post some more after Lori gets more stuff moved in!


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