I worked as a freelance web and graphic designer-  consulting under the name Surreal Studios - for a five year stint (or so.)  The Surreal site is gone for now.  But it was a cool site, so I might put it back up again when I have some free time. 


Surreal Studios is a full service web design company, specializing in Graphic Design for the WWW.  Logo design is a big part of this, as well as transforming these logos, (or your existent logo), into a format suitable for placement on the web.

Surreal Studios is not an Internet Service Provider, we are a content provider. We create the fancy interfaces and flashy buttons, commonly known as "eye candy". Simply creating the graphics is usually not enough, they have to go together in a cohesive way that's going to display your information in the best light and convey a professional image.

The Surreal Studios website is currently undergoing a major redesign, but the site will be up soon.   It is going to be fairly complicated, but it will serve as a tool for showing prospective clients what we can do.  Until then, be sure to visit the links page to see a  portion of our Portfolio.  

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