As if I didn't have enough hobbies already, I got into Movie Memorabilia collecting in Early 2003.  I tend to like items and props but have the occasional wardrobe piece as well. I sold off everything I owned  in 2006, so now this is a what I HAD page.

  :: Current Props ::


  • LOTR: Gandalf sword Licensed

  • LOTR: Shards of Narsil Licensed

  • LOTR: Sword of the Witchking Licensed

  • The Pledge: Wardrobe set

  • The Recruit: Colin Farrel Personal items

  • The Recruit: Colin Farrel’s Tests

  • We were Soldiers: US Air Cav. Uniform

  • We were Soldiers: Complete NVA uniform

  • We were Soldiers: Complete French Uniform

  • Fight Club: Airline Card; Business Card; Rules

  • White Oleander: Wardrobe: Carolee shorts

  • The Mummy Returns: Arrow

  • Shanghai Nights: Bayonet + Leather Sheath

  • Shanghai Nights: Rathbone’s Sword

  • Shanghai Nights: Boxer Sword Proto (Steel)

  • Shanghai Nights: Boxer Sword Proto (2) (Steel)

  • Shanghai Nights: Rathbone’s Sabre

  • Shanghai Nights: Guard’s Sword + Sheath

  • Shanghai Nights: Crossbow

  • Shanghai Nights: Rapier (Aluminum)

  • The Emperor’s Club: St. Benedict School Uniform

  • Cloth 48 State Flag

  • Battlefield Earth: Set Décor

  • Battlefield Earth: Slave Overalls

  • Battlefield Earth: Studio Set Visitors Pass

  • Batman: 11x14 Storyboard

  • Batman: ’89 film Cells

  • Commando: Colt AR-15 Stunt rifle

  • Knight Rider: Film Cells

  • X men: Film Cells

  • Baseketball: NBL Uniform Patch

  • Waterworld: US Marines backpack

  • Shanghai Nights: Film Poster

  • Wind Talkers: M1-Grarand ammo belts (3)


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