This is where you will find all things musical.  I love music; I love to listen to it, play it, write it, record it, and anything else you can do with it.  Below you can check out my musical tastes, my favorite bands, great music links, a few pics, and yup- even check out some of my own stuff.  Enjoy.  No boy band stuff here.


(<--Serious Senior photo- with a strat even- my first guitar.)  
As I mentioned I play guitar.  I've been playing for about 6 years now.  I originally took lessons from Gravity Crush lead guitarist Chris Hedman.  I'll post some original songs here soon- as soon as I get the time to finish something...

I started my guitar journey because of Brian May (Queen) and Metallica and soon got turned on to Ozzy (Zakk Wylde and Randy Rhoads really.)  I've evolved through many musical styles and taste changes and am currently a progressive rock fan.  I thrive on Dream Theater and King's X and still listen to my fair share of Queen. 

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Kings X:  This semi-underground band has been around for over 20 years..  and has put out an amazing number of great songs.  They play hard rock/metal, but have the ability to make each song catchy and melodic.  Probably the most under-rated group of musicians ever!  These are the guys who started the down tuning trend in the 90's.

Dream Theater: Man- simply awesome stuff.  I don't know that there's ever been a band where each member is a master of his craft- well except for Dream Theater, of course. 

Queen:  Yeah- you know them- "We will rock you," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "We are the champions"- the list goes on and on...  Queen was one of those groups that was lucky enough to have 4 members who could all write, play and sing well.  Great songwriting....

Dire Straits:  Amazing versatility.  Headed by Mark Knopfler, the band has put out a ton of albums- and they're all good.

Fountains of Wayne:   Can you say pop song?  FOW writes the best pop songs ever- and you cant get them out of your head.  You have to listen to their self titled album- then you'll see what I mean.

    :: FAVORITE GUITARISTS ::  Or Guitarists that have influenced my playing...

Chris Hedman:   Originally with Sphere, Hedman can be heard on Sphere's first CD- Evolution.  Chris now plays with Gravity Crush- spreading  rock havoc all across Iowa.  Chris does great as a rhythm guitarist, but really shines on his solos- where he can showcase his speed and melodic creativity.  Oh- unlike most of today's guitarists- he knows music theory- thoroughly. 

Randy Rhoads:  Randy was best known for playing with Ozzy Osbourne on Blizzard of Oz and Diary of A Madman (think Crazy Train).  He was a technical genius who mixed elements of classical into metal to get an awesome new sound and is hands down my favorite guitarist.  Have a listen to the Tribute album, or listen to "Mr. Crowley" or "Diary of a Madman".

Yngwie Malmsteen:  In all honesty, Malmsteen is the fastest- most classically trained player I have ever listened to.  He uses classical styling to compliment his heavy metal roots- very cool.  Check out to learn more.  He has some great lessons on how to play Paganini.

Brian May:  Brian is best know as the guitarist for Queen, who always chooses the right notes, but he also has a great solo career.  The man who wrote "We will rock you" has gone on to write and play many more awesome songs.  Brian developed many amazing guitar techniques such as the echo effect developed for "Brighton Rock" and the many amazing guitar symphonies done with multi-tracking his guitar parts.  Check out "Blues Breaker" for some great soloing.  Also be sure to listen to "Who wants to live forever" and "Keep yourself alive" for great guitar symphonies.

Ty Tabor:  Ty is known for his work with King's X.  He writes, play's guitar, and sings on quite a few tracks.  King's X have perfected hard rock with classic pop hooks and melodies.  Ty introduced dropped tunings to mainstream rock long before everyone was playing in drop D.  He even drops to an A now...  Check out "Dogman," "Its love," or "Black Flag" and see why King's X and Ty Tabor rock.  Ty has probably shaped my playing more than almost any other guitarist.  He is the man.


Zakk Wylde:  Zakk is the last true metal hero.  He went from playing with Ozzy to doing his own stuff- and doing it well.  He can shred with the best- or sing- or play piano- or drums....  You can listen to Zakk play acoustic on Book of Shadows, or listen to the more Southern Rock-ish Pride and Glory CD.  Zakk's newest band is Black Label Society.  Since I've gotten into progressive rock more and more, I listen to less OZzy, but I remember my roots and they started with this guy.

Mark Knopfler:  Mark is known for his unique style, his years fronting the Dire Straits, his writing abilities, and for the fact that he doesn't use a pick.  He is a very versatile player and has lately moved into movie soundtracks.  Check out "Money for Nothing," "Romeo and Juliet," and "Telegraph Road."  Knopfler has the best feel for guitar ever and he uses his tone and volume to control the sound amazingly. 

John Petrucci:  I'm now a seasoned Dream Theater fan and listening to John Petrucci really changed everything for me guitar wise.   Lots of chromatic stuff and really complex rhythms and solos.  Petrucci has a style all his own- you have to listen to see what I mean.....   He's fast as Malmsteen and much more creative. 

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