Here is home.  We saw this house a year before we moved to Iowa- and luckily it was still on the market when we moved.  It's a great house- and I've had a lot of great times here.  The house sets back from the road via a long driveway (pain in the winter) and has woods on both sides and behind.  The property is wedge shaped and there are ravines on both sides going outward in a pie shape.  We are actually in the city though- so it's quick to get anywhere.  

Picture of the front entrance from the left ravine. This is the driveway view.  It's pretty steep- the Firebird has trouble in the winter. This is a view of the house from a path that goes out into the woods. This is part of the backyard. If you follow the path you'll come to a cliff area- from here you overlook a road and the Cedar River.


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