This is the page where I'll try to explain who I really am and that kind of thing...  Well, we'll see about that.  You can find a brief bio, what I've been up to lately and various other life changing revelations here.  The pictures here are limited, so if you want pics, I suggest that you mosey on over to the gallery....   Well, read on....

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What's in the CD Player:
:: The Christmas Attic ~ Trans-Siberian Orchestra
:: Christmas Eve and other Stories ~ Trans-Siberian Orchestra
:: Orge Tones ~ King's X
:: Europe Live Promo - Queen + Paul Rodgers
:: Various worship music

Recent reads/currently reading:
:: Blue like Jazz (Done finally!)
:: How to talk to a liberal (If you must) ~ Ann Coulter
:: Under God ~ Toby Mac
:: When God writes your love story (again)
:: House of Alex: unauthorized biography of Alex Jordan
:: Being a Christian without being an Idiot ~ Brad Stine
:: The architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
:: Savage Nation ~ Michael Savage

Just bought Batman and Batman Begins!
:: Queen - Live on Fire
:: The Princess Bride
:: O'Reilly Factor, Hannity + Combs, Fox news...
:: Law and Order

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:: Crossed CD release party at RDI rocked!  Pics to come...  7.16
:: Went with Angela to Hose on the rock and Galena for the 4th.  Had a most excellent time!  7.4
:: Been out on the road with Crossed.  Last weekend was Minnesota for Extreme camp.  It rocked! 
:: The new Crossed album is finally about done.  Pics in the gallery.  Sound clips to come soon. 
:: Bought two new guitars.  Pics and info are on the Music page. 
:: Took a Summer trip with some of the family to Sandusky, OH and Cedar Point.  Pics will be in the Gallery soon. 
:: Went to see DT and took a Chicago vacation w/ Chris.  Very sweet time; pics in Gallery.   
:: Summer 2001 Info.  Trips and all.  Click HERE to find out what I did and see some pictures.
:: My last year of college I took a semester off- and did some really cool stuff!  Check out the details HERE (pictures too!)


  ::  Just The Facts  :: A bio sort of thing

I was born  and raised in sunny California.  Life was good.  I made it to High School and my family moved to Waverly, Iowa because of a work related move my dad made.  I went through high school like any other kid at the time - which means NOT shooting classmates - and played football and baseball.  I use the term "played" very loosely...  But it was all in fun and I met a lot of lifelong friends along the way. 

After high school I went on to Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, Iowa.  While I was there we became the nation's first wireless campus.  This meant we all had laptops and could use them anywhere without plugging in.  A lot of students didn't know the difference between a computer chip and a Dorito chip and thus, the aim of using the laptops for research and learning was reduced to Napster and Instant Messaging.  But for those that used it right- it was - and is- a great program.  Anyway, I made it to my senior year and then I thought, "hmm...  what is life all about?  Why am I here and what shall I do when I graduate?"  So, due to my confusion I took a semester off to find all the answers to life's illusive questions.  Had I thought this plan through, I would have perhaps thought that people spend their entire lives trying to figure out what I was going to figure out in one semester.  This move was a big bad thing for my parents and my professors, who were betting I wouldn't make it back.  But I did.  I went back the next semester and between that and an additional short semester at a satellite school, earned my degree in Surviving Liberalism and Politically Correct Thought.  Okay, so I earned a Management and Entrepreneurship Major and concentrations in marketing and computer science. 

I have worked since my sophomore year in college as a website designer and and Internet consultant.  I continued to do that and came on full time at the family business.  It's not that kind of "family" business.  I haven't killed anyone yet and I don't have a trade name like "dirty Paulie" or "Mikey the big toe Cabretti."  I still work with the family and have gone though numerous position changes over the years.  I started pushing a broom when I was 5 or so and have done about everything in the plant; it is a manufacturing facility by the way.  I now am the Director of Scheduling and I plan when product is run and on what machines.  I also manage our manufacturing handwork staff.  That's my job job.

My calling however, is to play music and glorify the God that has given me all that I have.   So right now I play in a Christian band called Crossed. I write a lot of my own stuff and am slowly working on a solo album. Slowly.  Most of my non-work time is dedicated to working with my equipment, practicing alone or with the band, and writing new material.   You can check out the Music page for more info.

My other main passions are Model Railroading and Prop collecting.  The prop collecting is a new hobby and I do it when I can.  I am a movie nut and I like the art that is involved in making the various props and set pieces.  Model Railroading has been with me sine I was a kid.  I've gone from "toy trains" to "fine scale craftsman modeling."  I enjoy visiting and communicating with many of railroading's greats and I have a huge website dedicated to my work and that of others. You can check that huge site out here.

I like art, music, Architecture, Politics ("like" is a bad descriptor, "infuriated by" is probably more appropriate), and web design. Unlike Al Gore, I did not invent the Internet - but I did create this website!     There's a lot more to me, but I prefer to talk to people, not have them read my memoirs.  So, if you want to email, just drop a line:


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