This is where I put various pictures of friends, family, myself and other crazy people.  If I know you, you are probably here- or will be soon....  Check em' out and enjoy.  Got a great pic- send it to me.

Jeremy and I playing pool at Jokers. Jeremy again- looking innocent.  That's the closest to a rack he got all night. Rory last semester- hanging at the control center. Yeah- I am my own friend, so I put this pic here...  Me, Jeremy and Eric before Ragbrai

Yup- me- senior pic from 4 years ago Me, Mandy, and Dan at Linn- ordering pizza and playing guitar. Rebecca's buffed guitar wielding personality shines through. Ann and Eric, me, (Cory?), and Lori My sister Mandy in a moment of reflection

    Rick Ward and my father on thier F-4 In San Jose with Uncle Jack, Ruthie, and Mar- Mar In Tracy, CA- Uncle and Aunt Dianne and family

Chris laying down heavy riffage at Coyote's (Dave on vocal) Jason Lahr- the man- the myth- currently in Thailand My little bro Chris  This pic is all Tom Jeremy giving free rides- already...

Chuck, dad and Connie Dad, Connie and myself Chuck, myself and Connie This is the legendary Lou's Donut crew from San Jose CA.  They are world renowned and are great personal friends.   Ashlyn showing her love for Kara

Ashlyn Mandy and I Fitch and Tall Tom on the porch at Linn. Tom and Stacie looking enthused. Jeremy and his favorite novel.  He could be a salesman... Lori and Jeremy tell Clinton Jokes

Lori, Jeremy, Mandy, Renee, and Ashlyn pose with Jeremy's mag Me looking mean at 4am over at Linn. Amelia making Ice Cream with her new maker. It was good too.    



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