Home Sweet Church

Well, I finally bought a house.  I just had to wait until God pointed the right place and time out - and this was it.  I'm the second private owner of the church - originally the Warren Evangelical Church built in 1904.  There's a lot I'd like to do, but finances say I'll do it later...   The previous owners did most of the big things; all new roofing (plus metal shingles on the belltower), new septic system, three new furnaces, and a great Wood burning heat system.  There's a unit in the backyard that runs off wood and it heats water and sends it inside into heat exchangers in the furnaces.  So, all you have to pay for to heat the place is the electricity to run the blower fans on the furnaces.  Beats LP this year! 

I tried to create a few photo collages that would give a feel for how the rooms lay out.  They came out pretty nicely in most cases.  Anyway, it's home!  Enjoy the pics...

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