On my hiatus from school for a semester I took a work trip to San Jose, California to do some work at Rubber Development Inc.'s San Jose office.  My father, Andy Holloway, and I did lots of quality demolition.....   On our one free day, we ventured to San Francisco to sight-see and shop (Saks Fifth Avenue was a trip...  can you say expensive?).  We were lucky enough to stay with Joe and Judy Wilson at their estate in the Berryessa Hills.  The guest house was great and as you can see, the main house is magnificent.  And- Judy and Joe are two of the greatest people you'll ever meet!

This is Joe and Judy's guest house- and its great views Another shot of the guest house (where we stayed) Joe and Judy's new home- overlooking the valley Another shot of this stunning home and its surroundings My dad playing in Judy's Gator

This was built for the World's Fair- way back when. Amazing huh? Same building- in San Francisco (they filmed part of 'The Rock' here) A view of the Golden Gate and downtown San Fran from the far side MMMmm- Ghiradelli Square- home of the world's best chocolates... Me doing some de-construction work at RDI in San Jose

Looking up the hill from the cable-car Looking down at Alcatraz Island from the cable-car Looking downhill at the Transamerica building


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